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Generations 102.3 / Music For Your Generation / WZGN

4.4 ( 2414 ratings )
Musik Livsstil
Forfatter: Jacobs Media

Remember the good stuff? The music that was important and relevant and most of all fun to listen to? The music you grew up with? The songs that made an impact on your life? Don’t you wish there was a station that played the good stuff without all the old cheesy songs?

Guess what? Your wish has just been granted! Welcome to Generations 1 0 2. 3! This is the station for the rest of us with all the great songs from the seventies with the best stuff from the late sixties and early eighties thrown in…

What exactly is Generations 1 0 2. 3? It’s the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Marvin Gaye, Doobie Brothers, Chicago, Steve Miller, Journey, Beatles, Elton John, Earth Wind & Fire, Three Dog Night, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Boston, Steely Dan, Heart and more!!!

In today’s disposable world, the great stuff still lives on…Music for your Generation…..Welcome to Generations 1 0 2. 3!!

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